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A. Distribution of Chemical Fertilizers:


To provide high quality fertilizers in right time and in adequate quantities to farmers with an objective to increase crop production and productivity is the prime objective.

1. FertilizersMP Markfed has been entrusted the procurement and distribution of fertilizer since 1956 as per the guidelines/ rules and regulations of Ministry of Chemical & Fertiliser and Essential Commodities. In Madhya Pradesh fertilizer distribution is managed through government institutions and private sector. The major government institutions that undertake the fertilizer distribution activity on behalf of State Government are:
  • MP State Cooperative Marketing Federation (MARKFED)
  • MP State Agro Industries Development Corporation Ltd. (MP AGRO)
  • MP State Oilseed Producer Federation (OILFED)

2. MP Markfed is the major channelizing agency of Chemical fertilizers in the State of Madhya Pradesh. Federation purchases fertilizers from the manufacturers and importers of Nitrogenous, Phosphatic and Potassic fertilizer and arrange its storage and distribution through the 244 depots located at different part of the state. The Primary Agriculture Credit Societies lift their requirement of Chemical Fertilizers from the distribution centers of the Markfed on the strength of release orders issued by the District Central Cooperative Bank of the concerned district.

3. The cost of the fertilizers is remitted to the Federation by the Central Cooperative Banks through the Branches of the Apex Cooperative Bank, Bhopal and the same is credited in the fertilizers cash credit accounts of the Federation. The yearly turnover of fertilizers business of the Federation at present is to the tune of Rs. 2942 Crores.

B. Distribution Network of Fertiliser:

FertilizersIn the year 2007-08 due to nationwide shortage of phosphatic and potassic fertilizer the state is still facing the shortage scenario.To encounter this challenging situation the Govt of Madhya Pradesh has appointed MP Markfed as the nodal agency for the distribution of Fertilised in the state. MP Markfed is successfully ensuring the supply of fertilizer to the societies in time through a well designed distribution network system

C. Fertiliser business highlights:

  • Ensuring the availability of fertiliser at uniform ratethroughout the state
  • Markfed caters to the need of farmers in the remote areas of the state ,more than 100 kms away from the rakepoint where private suppliers are not interested.
  • The distribution of fertiliser is freehold . Markfed manages the distribution to the remote ares in the entire span of the state through a network of 244 double lock centres 4587 Primary Marketing Societies and 279 Marketing Societies.
  • Markfed’s share in the distribution of fertiliser in the state is 69% and for DAP and complex fertiliser is 72%.
  • Number of institutional distribution centers is 42 % which is highest as compared to other state.
  • To meet the challenges of deficiency of micro-nutrient and improve the agro-productivity Markfed has made arrangement for the supply of Zinc Sulphate , Gypsum and Ammonium Molybdate.

Fertilizer trade constitutes a major portion of the overall business of Markfed. Comparative business over the past years.

A. Comparison of Total Sale of Chemical Fertilizer in the State and by the Markfed (Quantity in Ton) :-
YearMP MarkfedOthersTotal StateMarkfed's Share in %